Corner Aquarium Dimensions and Sizes

As the name suggests it can be a good addition to your corners so that you can even manage your hobby with the overloaded interior. They can be easily fit into any small corner that can be beautified with a refreshing hobby.

Lightweight: These aquariums are specially designed to fit in your small spaces so they are designed lightweight and compact in comparison to others.

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Style: These corner tanks are easy to fit in your distinctive interiors and corners so they are spacious for fish yet give a compact style to the owner for easy placing.

Attractive view: The transparent corners of these aquariums offer an attractive view as they can be seen from different angles with ease so it’s a perfect match for the buyers who wants to add beauty to their interior of the house. They are stylish and easy to maintain.

Functional: They are compact in style but they are still good while offering ample space to fish. The safety of your pet lies in the well-built aquarium with perfect space. They are fully functional and safe for your pet yet they can be fit in the corner of your room or overloaded interiors.


Gallons Liters Inches Centimeters
54 Gallons 204 38 x 27 x 22 97 x 69 x 56
70 Gallons 265 48 x 22 x 25 122 x 56 x 64
92 Gallons 348 48 x 34 x 24 122 x 86 x 61



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