Bow Front Aquarium Dimensions and Sizes

Aquariums are made with different materials and different designs to fulfill the different needs of the buyers. Bowfront Aquariums are made with a little curved design in the front of the aquarium so that it can give ample space to your pet but consume less space of the interiors of your home or office.

User-friendly: You can set up a bow front tank even if you are a beginner, some are sold in all in one kit and come with everything necessary to set up to make it easy. Experienced fish owners love to maintain a new set up.

Distinctive Design: If you have a different or unique interior design, in your home or office, then an aquarium with a special shape may fit your decor better. The bow front looks distinctive in comparison to the regular flat front aquariums.

Magnifying Effects: The bow front is a lot more interesting as it provides an exciting and different perspective of the inhabitants inside the tank. mostly fish lovers really enjoy the magnifying effect that it has on their fish.

Spacious: Bow fronts come in many different sizes and gallons. Your budget will get you a smaller gallon bow front tank than a regular flat front one. Its curved space is good for less spacious areas for catering to the hobby. Fish will also have some more space in the curved area.

Bow Front Aquarium Dimensions & Sizes

Gallons Liters Inches Centimeters
26 Gallons 98 Liters 24 x 15 x 21 61 x 38 x 53
28 Gallons 106 Liters 24 x 16 x 18 61 x 41 x 46
36 Gallons 136 Liters 30 x 15 x 21 76 x 38 x 53
46 Gallons 174 Liters 36 x 15 x 2 91 x 38 x 51
72 Gallons 273 Liters 48 x 18 x 22 122 x 46 x 56
90 Gallons 341 Liters 48 x 18 x 29 122 x 46 x 74
155 Gallons 587 Liters 72 x 24 x 24 183 x 61 x 61
175 Gallons 662 Liters 72 x 24 x 29 183 x 61 x 74


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