Best 5 Gallon Fish Tanks 2021 Reviews

Aquatic animals like turtles, sharks, and other fishes to other animals like lions, elephants are part of this world and our environment.

Different species perform different roles and are interlinked with each other. Each species is getting benefits from the other.

Different fishes are of different sizes. Even they live in different environments and if we are keeping them at home then we should be careful about how much space and what type of environment they need in an aquarium or tank.

There are many sizes of tanks in the market. And it would be so confusing to find the size of tank you want. Here we are suggesting you top 6 best 5 gallon fish tanks to choose from.

Top Picks Best 5 Gallon Fish Tanks

1. Majesty Corp 5-Gal Acrylic Desktop Tank


This fish tank comes in only one size. This is the 5-gallon aquarium which is the minimum size of tank for stater. The size would not be a problem for starters.

It is in acrylic material. The material is good. Acrylic is stronger than glass and also has less weight than glass.

The view is really nice. It has a rounded front. Its stylish design on your desktop looks really enchanting. You can place it anywhere in your room and also in your office.

It has a really powerful internal filter that purifies and filters out your aquarium at a rate of 45 gallons per hour.

This fish tank also features strong and beautiful LED lighting system. The lights glow up the aquatic environment with beautiful seven vibrant colors.

These colors include green, white, amber, aqua, purple, blue and red. The LED lighting with these beautiful colors will gonna decorate your room.

The sizes and dimensions really matter because it is going to take space in your room. The dimensions of this tank are 14.2*10*11.5*. And these dimensions are best for home

Pros: The LED’s lighting has a multi-color feature. It will beautifully illuminate your underwater inhabitants.

Cons: It does not have a heater. You may have to buy this separately if you are going to put tropical fish in this tank.

2. Koller Products Panaview 5 Gallon

You can easily place this fish tank in your office or home.

The Dimensions of this tank is 14.2’’ L*10’’ W*11.5’’H. You can easily carry tanks of this dimension.

Its looks are great. It gives a stylish look. Moreover, its lighting system enhances its view and attracts everyone’s sight

Filter cleans out all aquarium`s water at a flow rate of 45-gallon per hour.  This filter will give your fish a healthy environment.

Its LED lighting is the most prominent feature of this tank. The lighting is power-saving and uses less power. The LED comes with 7 enchanting colors to choose from. It will show off all underwater world with a mixture of beautiful colors.

When you look at it you will feel that it is made of glass. In actual it is made of plastic. The quality of plastic is so good that it gives crystal clear clarity.

The looks are great. The lighting system is a prominent feature of this. Its vivid lights have multiple timed settings It is lightweight and easy to clean. Best to keep it as a decor. It is really affordable.

Everything is good except the filter or pump. The filter is not enough and sometimes make weird noises. The filter also stops working after a few days. Also, the heater is not present.

3. Fluval 10528a1 Evo V Marine Aquarium Kit

It is a 5-gallon aquarium and saltwater tank. Even though its size is small but it works like a giant tank. It has all specification of any other tank.

Its looks are awesome. It looks so good when it is placed somewhere. The fishes swimming from one corner to the other attracts sight.

It does not look like a machine even filter is included in this. Because the honeycomb design hides it. You can also use it to enhance the decoration of your room.

The dimensions of this tank are 8.3*21.3*12.5 inches. In these dimensions, you will also get other features of a tank. The weight of this tank is 13.7 pounds. It would be light to carry.

The tank has 3 step filtration system. 3 stage filtration means water will filter out through three stages that are mechanical, biological and chemical. It will purify your water tank.

The LED lighting system works wonderfully in this tank. It will illuminate your tank by its strong 11000 k high-output light. This light is best for corals growth if you have one. This LED also has a setting of Day and Night light.

Heater is not present in this tank. You have to buy one separately. It is made of glass. The insight view is crystal clear.

The lights work really well. It is best for those who have corals. Filter may cause problems sometimes. The heater is absent in this tank.

4. Aquarium Tank, Glass, Tank Only 5 Gallon

This aquarium is 5.5 gallons. The average size for most tropical fishes or aquatic animals. It is just an aquarium. You can say a simple aquarium.

The view is really simple. It is for those who really not want their fish or its tank as decor. And they just simply want their fishes to enjoy.

The lights are not present in this tank. You have to buy this tank separately. Lights are important for most fishes or aquatic animals to grow like corals.

Filter is also not present in the tank. You can buy this filter separately Otherwise, without a filter your tank would get and your fish may die.

The dimensions of this tank are 16*8*10” H. These dimensions are good for offices or homes and it would be easy to carry.

Some people prefer a size that can be fit in their small homes, apartments or flats. There would be no issue with these dimensions.

The top lid is absent.  Lid is important for the tank. You can also buy it online or from the market.

It has a really nice look. It is also very sturdy. According to its size, it is easy to carry.

The tank may leak but their company is providing an option to replace. Heater, light, and filter do not come with this.

5. Aqueon Led Minibow Aquarium Starter Kit

This aquarium comes in 3 sizes. These are 1,1.6 and 2.5 gallons and 5 gallons. 5 gallons is the biggest size in this tank. The 5-gallon aquarium can be used for many fishes. The aquarium also comes in 3 pretty colors.

It is a really compact aquarium with an uplifted base and strong design. The material is really good

If you are concerning about view then no worry. It is a really beautiful tank that will not only enhance your room decoration but also the fishes in this tank will look amazing. Moreover, it is also easy to set up and maintain.

Lighting is one of the amazing features of this tank. The lights are power-saving and also glows up the aquatic environment. These sleek-looking lights are really good.

The filter works well in this tank. It will keep your tank clean and give your fish a clean environment. In this filter, the small filter cartridges are of the same company.

It does not come with a heater but it has space for heater. So that if you need a heater you can buy it separately and fix it in the tank.

The dimensions of this 5-gallon tank is 15*10.7*15.4 inches. These are reliable dimensions for everyone. Easy to maintain and carry.

It is a really attractive tank. The LED lights are perfect for the aquarium. Best for those who are starting this hobby.

Heater is not present. The filter may be loud and noisy sometimes.

6. Tetra Crescent Acrylic Aquarium Kit

This aquarium is best for a starter. It is a 5-gallon tank. The five-gallon tank is not large size of tank to keep. This size of this tank is considered an average size.

View of this tank is also very good. It would not look bad on your table.

Dimensions of these tanks are 16.6*11.2*13”. These dimensions are perfect for a desktop or a table. The weight of this tank is 1 pound. It would not be heavy. This weight is easy to carry, place and keep.

Like other aquariums, its prominent feature is also its LED’s. The lights light up and glow the inner aquarium. It looks very wonderful in dark. It would not be too bright or dazzle.

Its filter is really nice. It filters out all dirt and wastes by passing the water through cartridges and mesh. And give your aquarium a clean and hygienic environment.

It is really beautiful because it is of the crescent shape. Its LED lights are really nice. It enhances the aquarium’s beauty. The filter also works really well. It is adjustable. You can adjust its settings.

It does not come with a heater. You have to buy it separately.

Faq’s Of 5 Gallon Fish Tank

In which cases or scenarios, the 5-gallon tank is preferred?

There are many sizes of tanks in the market even if we are buying it online but we have to select the tank that is good for our fish and also going easy on us.

If you are a starter and this is your first time then you should not go for a small tank like five-gallon because 5 gallons is not a big size and the waste and dirt of fishes can be stuck on the side of the tank.

If you are having one betta fish and other small fishes then 5 gallons is okay. You can also buy this tank if you are having a small apartment or you want to keep this in office.

How fishes can I put in my 5-gallon size tank?

Different fishes have different sizes and their size really matters. There was an old saying that one inch of fish per gallon is the best size of tank but the saying is old enough now.

Fish grow day by day so their size also does. The other thing that matters is their nature. Some fishes are so energetic and really want much space so this should be considered before buying a fish.

Some suggesting fishes for a 5-gallon tank are Dwarf frog, Nerite snails, Dwarf Rasbora, Endler’s Livebearer, Shrimp such as Ghost shrimp and Cherry Shrimp and betta fish.

How can we choose the best 5-gallon tank?

Either the size of a gallon is 5 or 10, the most essential objective that one should find in a tank is its durability because no one wants a product that is not durable. The other things to find in a tank are filter and also heater if it is a tropical aquatic animal.

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